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About Speedware


Speedware is a fast paced platformer in which the player switches between two colors to pass obstacles and tries to beat the level as fast as possible to improve the the end ranking.

  • unique setting with the gameplay taking place on a motherboard
  • challenging fast paced platforming paired with a simple core mechanic
  • character with two different forms to pass obstacles

Meet the Team

Speedware is made by a team of four artists, four game designers and one programmer. We did our best to create an entertaining platforming experience.


Hannes Borde

Production / Game Design


Bryan Printz

Programming / PR


Konstantin Suvorov

Game Design / Level Design


Mandy Stoica

Level Art


Michelle Lottra

UI-Art / Logo Design


Robert Kaminski

VFX-Art / Level Art


Jonas Vogler

Game Design / Level Design


Nadim Chreide

Character Art / Animation / Logo Design


Christian Heusser

Game Design / Programming


Jeremy Froböse

Sound Design / Composing

Contact us

Follow our progress and play Speedware for free. Leave your comment and show us what you think about our game.

S4G School for Games GmbH
Grünberger Str. 54,
10245 Berlin


+49 30 96595244


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